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wheelchairs, taxing pacemakers, taxing hearing aids. this bill is not right for america, it's not right for families, it's not right for small businesses and it's not right for seniors. we need real solutions. let's focus on reducing the costs, maybe, offer tax incentives, enact medical liability reform, allow people to buy insurance across state lines. these solutions bring lower costs and bring health care to those who really need it. mr. speaker, the most troubling aspect, though, of this bill is that it takes away freedom. and this freedom, mr. speaker, the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is correct. the house will be in order. mr. reichert: mr. speaker, the most troubling aspect of this bill is that it takes away freedom. and this freedom came through great sacrifice. the sacrifice of men and women throughout history of this great nation so that we could choose and live a free life. this bill takes away that freedom, the freedom to choose the health care that's right for you and your family, this bill takes away that freedom requiring every american to
of tax cuts to the -- that america needs to security medical future. i want to say to our seniors, you can count on medicare, on a federal program for dignity and peace of mind in your golden years and that will not change. today we will vote to protect your access to your doctor, to encourage medicare physicians to cooperate on higher quality care, to keep your medicare solvent for longer and bring an end to the doughnut hole that leaves prescription drugs unaffordable for so many. i want to say to our small business men and women, i know your premiums keep going up and eachier they make it harder to stay in business, to compete with big business and with foreign firms. you deserve a fair playing field and in the insurance exchange marketplace you'll be able to buy coverage at the low group rates you're now being denied. i want to say to the 35 million americans without insurance who are forced to skip checkups and preventive care, forced it to return to the e.r. as the first and only line of defense, who live sicker and shorter lives, you will have what every man, woman and child has
bankrupting america. guest: i think that the viewer's concerns reflect the concern that is widespread in the united states about national sovereignty, about control, and i do think that those concerns clash with the need to confront the problem. if in fact we do not address this problem in international and comprehensive way, how in the world do we address it? it may well be that the listeners was not believe in global warming, in which case -- it may well be that the listener does not believe in global warming, in which case he has nothing to worry about. if you believe that the emissions from china, india, and the united states contribute to global warming, it appears there is no other way to approach that issue then some kind of international agreement and some kind of enforcement. host:ueueueueueueueueueueueueueh warming, it appears there is no other way to approach that issue then some kind of international agreement and some kind of enforcement. host: dallas, roger, good morning. caller: good morning. man-made climate change, which which we have called global warming, has not be
war or financial crisis. that was their plan. the interest wants to keep america in debt. you keep america in dead by having a financial crisis or make war. this is why the media is controlled by war mongeres. host: we're going to leave it there. on the twitter board. we have this tweet. "this is great. hopefully there is a lot of dirt on bush and cheney and this can come out and bush can be sent to trial as a war criminal." >> another post says "wake up, mr. president, we are at war here." host: back to the phone. on the line for democrats go ahead? caller: that last caller is probably still talking, huh? host: might be. what are your thoughts? caller: i have one sentence to sum up my feelings -- host: let's move on to the line for republicans in massachusetts. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the logistics of actually prosecuting these people in the south district of new york. we are not using the full inspect rum of legal options available to us. evidence was gathered and this was in civilian setings. now we are talking about prosecuting people we captured on a=n
that we were going to make our products, our strings in america. we are still committed to that. we have never sold one string we didn't make here in new york. >> they have one of u.s. manufactu manufactures that have adopted the lean theory. they plan to do so or have implemented it. critics say the automation eliminates jobs. he says the replaced workers can be cross trained to do other jobs. >> we do not want to play people off because lean has been effective. that is not going to help people embracing lean or help our company or our community. what we are trying to do is take those people and train them to do something else. >> reporter: like work in the guitar strap division, part of a company he acquired several years ago. those jobs were previously in china. today, long island. economists say other companies can position themselves to bring jobs home. >> lean manufacturing makes it possible to create products in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done
. afghanistan is separate. america has more in common with india. the need to try to negotiate so they can bring an end to the hostilities. pakistan has the from cards to the solution in that place. until it comes to the table i believe we will have a problem. host: thank you for the call again. stories in the paper this morning, from "the new york times" this says that abdullah was planning to quit the race and this morning it is true. i walk, what does this mean to the president's physician about -- state of iowa, what does this mean on the president's decision to send more troops? caller: he should send more. there is a lot of violence and chaos over there. there was a lot of disruption, the president's brother selling drugs, there is no way for that guy to like women -- to like win an election. host: baltimore, republican line. your reaction to the news from overnight? actually it is floyd in south fork, north carolina. caller: i do not think that any of the president's that we have ever had has ever wanted to dad for the country. they have all wanted to do something good. we need to give th
states of america. their legacy will be an america that is safer and stronger. an america that reflects the extraordinary character of the men and women who serve it. thank you. >> good morning. this is congressman mark kirk of illinois. when i returned home from active duty in afghanistan, i dedicated my congressional service to helping families with healthcare. we can lower healthcare costs and provide conference for americans who lack insurance by enabouting key reforms that already help thousands of families in many states. first, we can start lowering costs by reigning in lawsuits in america. we are the most litigious country on earth. lawsuit reforms can save billions in healthcare costs alone. in new jersey, without lawsuit reform, it costs $5,500 per patient to provide insurance. in california, with some of the strongest lawsuit reforms, insurance costs half as much as it does in new jersey. congress should enhance the effective reforms of many states by enacting lawsuit reforms for our entire country. second, congress should grant the right of each american to buy coverage from
and govern america from the left is failing quickly and decisively. bill crystal says our task is to minimize the damage and use the next three years to lay the ground work intelligently for a new era that can conserve prosperity and revitalize pennsylvania from the republican line. sit worth the price? >> no. i come to the point where i don't even feel that way as a republican. i think look what happened here with hasan and the response of our media and that attack at fort hood and look at that and also the way that we are looking at things internally, you know we have the chief of the staff in t$e army saying after somebody slaughtered all t$ese people diversity is your greatest string and then you go to this diverse place. tribal and ethnic diversity in afghanistan and iraq and you see that, that's really not a string strength in reality. diversity of this all over the world is endless strife and bloodshed and we're not - our democracy was born out of anglo-saxon civilization. and with democracy it's really a simple thing really. so i don't know why we have to point a bayon et to make the
hard work, dedication, and his success in putting together a very strong, top draft. overhaul america's financial system would be a difficult job in the best of times. chris dodd did a great job putting together legislation that will reform wall street can't protect main street. if we do not reform the system, sure as shooting, another crisis will happen again and happen again separated may happen in a different way. but it will happen. reform is an imperative for every american. every american was affected by what happened on wall street. chairman dodd's blueprint is complete and comprehensive but there are two specific reforms that i would like to explain today. first, this proposal will guarantee a stable source of funding for the sec once and forever by allowing the agency to retain the fees it collects. this is a simple change that will have a huge impact on the sec. right now, they do not have the money it needs to hire enough analysts, update its technological resources, the sec is just overwhelmed and overmatched by the people it regulates. it is no wonder that bernie madoff g
quote from "the wall street journal." other issuers, such as bank of america, j.p. morgan, chase card services, and discover, recently converted customers' fixed rates to variable ones. "new york times." now congress is moving to limit the penalties of riskier borrowers which is what the underlying legislation did, mr. chairman, let me continue on, who have become a prime source of billions of dollars in fee revenue for the industry and to make up for the lost income, the card companies are going after those people with sterling credit. so now we also find out, again from "usa today," starting next year, bank of america will charge a number of customers an annual fee ranging from $29 to $99. we see that in this same article from "usa today," citigroup has started charging annual fees to cardholders. again, mr. chairman, we have the testimony. many of us predicted this. as i said, way back in march, make no mistake about it if this bill passes, it's going to be a lot harder for people to access the credit they need to pay their bills, cover medical emergencies or finance large purchase
that there are thousands of veterans on the streets in america. i was particularly moved by a comment by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mullen, when he met with a group of 20, 30 homeless veterans. they were betterment of iraq and afghanistan. this is not a phenomenon of people who have lost their way years ago. this is a growing problem. we have to commit ourselves to the all-out effort to help these young men and women. this is a phenomenon that stretches through every conflict we have had, and they are on the streets of america today. i am impressed by the commitment from the president, certainly from secretary shinseki, who understands this not only from a policy perspective, but from a personal perspective. we were glad to introduce the zero tolerance homelessness act. it contains housing provisions that would be important for the and the donte -- v.a. to be able to provide housing assistance, stabilization services, as well as additional housing doctors' group hud to get that trend into homes. we also understand that housing alone is not the solution. it has to be linked to
the america's polo cup. it's part of a series of polo tournaments that they founded a few years ago. bravo declined to comment. more than 300 people were invited to that dinner. one of them, dr. sanjay gupta, says he can see how there might have been some confusion. >> it seems quite possible that there was -- that first check point was the time that people were sort of scrutinized the most. a lot of times the social second was there and sort of recognized people and then scratch names off a clipboard literally. but i'll tell you, it was pretty crowded right outside the east gate. that's where every entered at that time. some people were driving up, some people were walking up, and just a lot of people all includesered around. there was really one person sort of scratching names off the clipboard that the point. >> dr. gupta says the sahalis probably didn't make it to the receiving line because you needed a name card for that and they were never seated at a table for dinner. >>> two planes destroyed in a crash and they never left the ground. it all started when a man passed out behind had
bill is a bill america cannot afford to pay. >> washington is a thinking chris murphy for his yes vote on health care, but what does it mean to you? 500 billion in new taxes, over $1 trillion in new government spending, yes to government plans and skyrocketing health- care costs. yes to new regulations on businesses that could wipe out jobs. call chris murphy. tell him on health care, he should have said no to washington, yes to connecticut. >> sherrod brown said on health care committee. we spoke to him this morning about the health-care debate. g the conversation with sherrod brown. >> good to be back. i read the health education pension bill that came out of our committee. i've read lots of analyses and details and i have not read the new bill. >> host: the debate begins today and the vote tomorrow, what are you looking for? >> i like to see more cooperation. when this passed out the labor pension committee and i heard my friend john thune talking about there was this bill written behind closed doors. he knows better than that. both bills went through long markups. the bill in my co
tells "good morning america" she believes the drug saved his life. her child is autistic. a doctor prescribed the treatment, one small browny every few days. she says she has to do something because her son was losing weight and behavior increasingly self-destructive. listen. >> he was extremely aggressive. he would run out of our home. >> he was a danger? >> yes. a danger to himself and others. >> and how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> with hours. with hours he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> i know, but listen -- listen to the other side. all right jt a child psychologist tells abc marijuana can trigger mental disorrers in children saying there is no evidence that has any positive effect on autism. >>> if you have a facebook account, listen up. why 0 woman 7 vacation pictures on facebook may have caused her to lose her insurance benefits. >>> listen to this. a canadian woman's facebook page may have caused her to lose some insurance benefits. she was getting sick leave payments for depression. she
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
. the supreme court, home to america's highest court. take you inside the court and into places only accessible to the justices and their staff. hear about the court's history and traditions, from the justices themselves. own year on dvd copy. order at >> up next, several congressman passed resolutions honoring soldiers and civilians of the fort hood community. >> mr. speaker, less than 24 hours ago, our nation was shocked to learn that a shooting had taken place at fort hood, texas. one of the largest military bases in our country. over the course of these initial news reports, we were saddened to learn that at least 13 soldiers were killed, and more than 30 were wounded, including the alleged assailant and the officer who brought an end to the shooting. what was shocking was that a fellow member was alleged to have carried out this vicious attack on his comrades in arms. yesterday a fellow soldier opened fire on these unsuspecting patriots and those civilians and soldiers who were supporting them. while many of those who were there were spare from the flying bullets, a numbe
any other group in america. i am in support of this public option. i tried to think of any other time in our history that we were so divided over an issue. we have so many congressman taking money from the insurance industry. in the civil war, southern states congressmen work make of -- made up of plantation owners and made money off the cotton industry. they did not want government coming between them and their cotton pickers. these men convinced poor white southerners to own slaves so they could keep getting richer. guest: we have seen a rapid decline. 15 years ago, there were 50% more people covered with health care insurance when it was provided by small businesses. every year, more and more employees and small-business owners are getting cut. they are getting cut because it is more and more expensive. it is just as exorbitant. it is never that high when it comes. every eight years, it doubles. á÷we have to put -- i am happy that there are more and more institutions that are shedding light. i can showing where members of congress receive their campaign contributions is a great w
care for america's veterans, our service men and women and their families. the speaker pro tempore: the speaker of the house is recognized. the speaker: thank you very much, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for his kind remarks and i accept them on behalf of the entire house because we have worked in a tireless way on behalf of our men and women in uniform and our veterans. i specifically want to salute to congressman edwards -- chairman edwards' outstanding leadership in that regard and his position as chair of the military construction, quality of life subcommittee of appropriations. mr. speaker, words fail when a tragedy of this magnitude comes in such an unexpected way. someone who had the confidence of the military within his own walls would perpetrate such a tragedy on people whose lives are dedicated to protecting the american people. it was an unspeakable tragedy, of course, to the families, soldiers, civilians and support staff on the base at fort hood, but it was also a wound to our country. our brave men and women in uniform train day in and day out to preserve our sec
this is not a good thing? caller: america is changing so fast, and not for the better. how is this change going to work for you? for years i have been hearing my mother and even years ago my father saying -- and i thought they were crazy when the talk about the bible and said how, oh, look this is coming true, and i thought they were nuts. now look at things going on and i think, oh, my god. host: things with a call. in addition to the president: the house speaker at about 11:30 p.m. when the bill finally passed, the white house also announced that the president called the ceo of aarp and the president of the american nurses association, and the head of the other medical association, banking them for passage of the bill. host: good morning, dennis. caller: this morning, i'm so happy. i support the bill. this is a big victory for the american people. the lady for south carolina talking about bad things -- maybe she has insurance. we struggle. this is a victory for us. it is about time. nancy pelosi, john boehner is a loser. host: there were 39 no votes on the republican side. we also welcome --
a person could have, stand in the well of the house of representatives of the united states of america and address this august body. it's a privilege i shall always remember and always remember this particular moment. allow me a moment, if i might, of personal privilege, to introduce my wife of almost 44 years, patty. she's delighted to return to her old stomping grounds as deputy director of the foreign agriculture service in the department of agriculture. we have with us our six children. they are in the gallery. and i think all of you may have seen six of our nine grandchildren. a couple that are testing the h 1. n 1. -- h1n1 vaccine back home in california. madam speaker, if i might just tell what you a great privilege it is for me to be here. i look forward to working with all of you on the floor that are here and that are not here today. we have many, many issues that i would look forward to addressing. i want to congratulate my opponent in the primary, david harmer, ran a very solid and fortunately for me unsuccessful race, but nonetheless a very solid race and a very good perso
, can you think of a better way for america to say no to continuing the war in afghanistan than to charge them in attacks? michael is calling us from texas. michael, i understand you think the congressman is on the right track? >> caller: yes. i definitely think he's on the right track. in fact, this is the same idea that i had years ago had we got into the situation where we're in two different wars yet we have tax cuts in america which had never been done in the past during war. i think this is a great idea. it forces every american to understand there's a financial cost to fighting our two wars. currently we're putting the cost on our children and the common american off the street they don't feel like there's really a burden on them unless they have a family member. >> michael, thank you for your phone call. apologize for that poor connection. the gist of what michael was say, in case you couldn't make it out that well, he does support the tax to fund the war as opposed to putting a burden on future generations. michael, thanks for your phone call. jump in on my facebook pag
as the latest movie in the "twilight" series debuts across america. our i-reporters are sharing their movie reviews with us. hear what they have to say about "new moon." >>> we're getting late word that protests at california universities have taken a new turn as police clear out angry students who took over a campus building three days ago. but protests over rising fees don't show any signs of ending soon. >>> plus, the fight to pull people out of the ocean after a ferry packed with hundreds of passengers sinks. >>> and one step closer to health care reform. what's next on washington's agenda for that bill? thanks for joining us at hln. i'm holly firfer. we start on the campus of the university of california santa cruz, where that student takeover of the campus building has ended peacefully. about 70 students avoided arrest when they surrendered ker hall. the students had taken over the administration building three nights ago after the regents board approved a 32% increase in fees. a school spokesman says campus police presented the protesters with an ultimatum, vacate the building or fac
the house proved differently. the affordable healthcare for america act is a piece of legislation that will provide stability and security for americans who have insurance, quality affordable options for those who don't, and bring down the cost of healthcare for families, businesses, and our government while strengthening the financial health of medicare. it is legislation that is fully paid for, and it will reduce our long-term federal deficit. given the heated and often misleading rhetoric surrounding this legislation, i know this was a courageous vote for many members of congress. and i'm grateful to them and for the rest of their colleagues for taking us this far. but more importantly, so are the millions of americans whose lives will change when we achieve insurance reform. families with pre-existing conditions who will timely have insurance coverage. parents who will be protected from annual and lifetime limits that can force them to pay exorbitant out of pocket costs for a child's illnesses. small businesses that will finally be able to cover their employees, and working fo
. >>> i'm jane-velez mitchell. here's my issue. wake up america. we need to do something about the crime wave committed by teens. in florida, a boy set on fire by a group of his young peers who were being charged ased a duts. in new york, the alleged baby face shooter just 16 and accuse of purpomping six shots in a cr, injuring two. in california, a group of young boys accused of raping a girl outside a high school homecoming party. all of these cases involve teenagers. we can just lock them all up and wait for the next group of teens to commit an even more violent crime, but wouldn't it be smart to look at the underlying societal causes that are at the root of this ricrisis and do something about them? i'm jaynne-velez mitchell and that's my issue. >> watch her every night at 7:00 eastern right here on hln. >>> remember the mersk alabama captain being enlisted by the salvation army. richard philips is helping kick off the red kettle campaign as honorary chairman. he says he really hasn't enjoyed being in the spotlight but he has tried to put his noesrtity o good use. >>> this thanksgivi
. >> we are already working with the government of the united states of america on securing the state of the iraqi borders. second, what my colleague will lott said that is he has a selective way of choosing things. we have a long list of statements by u.s. generals and iraq, on the record, and we will give you the names. send me an e-mail that will give you my card right now. i want to be a long list of official, on the occurred quotations by top-ranking american journalists in iraq saying that of -- top-ranking american generals and direct saying that of course the worst problem of the insurgents in iraq, but they did not come to more than 2% or 3% of the total number of insurgents in iraq. . mainly homegrown. do we allow them to cross into iraq to? of coarse we don't. regardless of public statements i'm sorry i can't disclose everything, but i will say it this way. we are actually working with the obama administration decision. we are working with the u.s. military on this issue. "-begin-double-quote we've be there. people always try to tell you misinformation or disinformation, in
at bank of america. bank of america, citibank, had traditional banking things that were regulated, and their compensation might have been fair inside that industry. but they had these nonbank, rogue divisions that went crazy. are you doing all 25 evaluations as if it's one institution rather than, in fact, separate institutions some of which clearly caused a problem and some of which didn't? because of incompetent management? >> under the law i'm looking at the top 25 compensated individuals at aig as the parent. in other words, i'm not looking at seven people of this unit and five people at that unit in determining the top 25. that was really submitted to us by the company itself under the law. and worked from that. >> in other words, my question is, then, congress didn't separate. we blended them all together. let me go back because what the american people are frustrated with was that we had -- and i voted for t.a.r.p. every time it's come up, okay? because i believe our country is going to collapse because some of these people didn't look at basic, you know, economies growing
detail through the eyes of supreme court justices. friday at 8:00 p.m., the white house, inside america's most famous,. the on the velvet ropes. -- beyond that the bill the ropes. saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, the capital, the history, art and architecture of one of the most symbolic american structures. these are three memorable nights, thursday, friday, and saturday at 8:00 p.m. on c-span. we have remarked now by elizabeth warren who is on the congressional oversight panel. she addresses the government response to the economic recession. >> elizabeth warren as be chosen to head the consumer regulatory body if that ever gets constructed. >> thank you for being here. you have been voted the 30th most powerful corporate -- person in washington. you made the list. people who have not been following the house financial services committee debate, you have the distinction of having an amendment written to keep you from being the head of a potential consumer protection agency propose. where did you get the reputation for being a troublemaker? >> i think i have had that reputation all my life
. i think the failure to pass a bill is not good for america. it isn't good for any of us in congress or those standing for re-election. >> the session starts this morning but the senate vote isn't expected until about 8:00 eastern tonight. the vote is not on the bill, itself, but to avoid a filibuster and get debate going on the bill that majority leader harry reid put in place. the bill aims to reshape the country's health care system over the next decade. this was the scene at the university of california berkeley yesterday as students clash with campus police over fee increases at the school. the 32% increase coupled with budget cuts have angry students at campuses across the state protesting. 41 people who barricaded themselves inside a building at the uc berkeley campus were arrested. the board of regents at ucla approved the fee hikes this week saying the state government cannot meet the university's funding needs. >>> a woman lost control of her car, plowed into a crowd outside a middle school. it happened yesterday near birmingham, alabama. the 67-year-old driver hit nine kid
federations of north america as someone born and raised in moscow, russia. living here and speaking or attempting to speak in english. [applause] what could be a greater statement of jewish people connecting these dots? what could lead to more confusion about one's identity? one simple question -- where are you from? there's a time not so long ago when i could not have imagined standing here only blocks from the decision-making capital of the world. and because this is a special occasion for me i would like to make my remarks a little more personal than i usually do. for my personal story of believe i can address the present global reasons we are all here today. i did not know about my jewish heritage until the collapse of the soviet union. there were many others who began the search earlier than i did, but my first 10 years in business did not afford me the time. we spent all day, every day, 24/7 making money and growing business. no doubt many of you are familiar with this challenge. over just a couple of years money got huge. by 1997 my partners and i owned the private, largest p
. the supreme court, home to america's highest court, takes you into place is only accessible to justices and their staff. hear about court history and tradition from the justices themselves. own your own dvd copy of the supreme court, home to america's highest court. it is $9.95, plus shipping. order at and now, the american bar association at its annual conference on national-security law. we will hear about issues, including guantanamo bay detainees and provisions of the patriot act. this is about one hour and 40 minutes. >> representing the activities of those 535 members of congress, with four capable individuals here this morning. we have worked hard to balance this representation here, with folks from both sides of the capital, from both sides of the aisle, and from four different committees up on the hill. we are very fortunate to have with us today. applebaum, a democratic chief counsel and director to the judiciary committee of the house of representatives. before joining in 2003, he served as assistant and then general counsel to the economic and commercial la
dioxide pollution found in urban areas. according to n.g.v. america, one out of every 10 transit buses and 130,000 school buses, taxicabs, and other vehicles on u.s. roads are already fueled with cleaner burning natural gas. in 2008 the use of natural gas vehicles displaced almost 300 million gallons of petroleum use in the united states. using natural gas instead of coal or oil is a low-cost, low-emission solution to reducing our nation's dependence on foreign energy sources while also reducing our greenhouse gas emission. with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia, mr. wolf, for five minutes. mr. wolf: thank you, madam speaker. to meet the president's deadline for closing guantanamo, there has been a rush during the past two months to transfer as many detainees as possible to their own countries or to a third country that would accept them. on september 26, the administration announced that a detainee named aly amanned was transferred to yemen. the announcement did not reveal the terms of its transfer but sa
of america's great forest, those reserves setaside beginning in 1905 by theodore roosevelt, who by the way when he did that, said the great purpose of the forest reserves is first, water for agriculture, and second, home building. most people don't attribute that to theodore roosevelt. that's what it was for. obviously there are things we need to do in our forests for other purposes, but clearly protecting watersheds is an essential stewardship obligation that this congress for too long has not done enough to deal with. and part of it, sure, we can add more money here and there, and that can be good. we can debate how much. but the real issue is the underlying law that needs to be fixed. so there are forest managers, our trained professionals can go out and do what they were trained to do. can you imagine let's say if you were a veterinarian, i don't know if there's any on the floor, if were you a veterinarian and you had to go through the process a forester has to go through to treat an animal, you might as well shoot it in the head because it's never going to survive long enough to get t
-report. you could be selected to be profiled on our network and get valuable advice from america's money coach. don't forget to watch "the clark howard show" today at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln. >>> some old space junk has been spotted near the international space station but nasa says it won't smash into the orbiting lab. the junk is from an old rocket launch ten years ago. mission control has decided late yesterday the space station's astronauts wouldn't have to change their orbit to dodge the debris. they figured out it would come no closer than 5 and a half miles of the station. nasa is also keeping an eye on old science pay load left by an old mission. it is likely to come within nine miles of the lab on monday. >>> they make it look easy but there's plenty of hard work involved when you are a rockette. six-hour rehearsals, ice baths and costumes so stiff they can't even sit down. those are just some of the secrets you'll hear about straight from one of the dancers. >>> hello and welcome to "vital signs." i'm dr. sanjay gupta. adding to your family has always involved a bit of my
showing his great service to america, even though he no longer has an official position, by expressing these views so we can all hear them. hopefully people will follow them. we owe him a great debt. let's give him a great round of applause. [applause] >> no one has ever been elected to the senate for nine terms. >> in a few days, west virginia center, robert byrd, will become the longest serving member of congress in history. the director of the bird center on the life and continuing legacy on -- of senator robert byrd. >> on "prime minister's questions" the prime minister discusses unemployment, a call before british troops, and the national health-care service. that's tonight at 9:00 eastern, here on c-span. >> c-span's 2010 student camera contest this year. $50,000 in prizes for middle and high school students. just create a five-eight minute video on one of our country's greatest strengths or challenge of the country's basic. it should show varying points of view. the deadline is january 20th.
, is an extraordinary deterioration in the position of the united states of america. none of us want to see that. none of us want to leave here having been enablers for a policy that weakened our country. so -- >> mr. chairman, i just think it's important to quantify this problem. because the health care bills as they're pending, do not in any way significantly impact the fact that we are facing a $60 trillion unfunded liability in our entitlement accounts. in fact, they create one of them, two of them create a mass of new entitlements, which we know won't be paid for in the long run and which will aggravate that. and secondly, they take the size have to grow radically. in order to bear these are demographic facts. these are fiscal fax which cannot be denied. that is why we are going to have to do something much more significant than what is presently being proposed as we go forward or else our kids get a country which may be second class, but hopefully will not be. it certainly -- the quality of life will be dramatically less than what it was for us. thank you. >> thank you. thank you to all of the c
wilma vaught, president of women in military service for america memorial foundation. >> thanks for joining me. >> it's a pleasure. >> what's the significance of the women in military service for america foundation? >> memorial foundation. >> it's the only mental motherally that pays tribute to women of all eras who have served in our nation's armed forces. further, it's unique in the world. there isn't anyplace else that has a memorial like this, honoring the women who served the nation. >> and women have been participating in wars forever. >> you're right, back to deborah. >> most definitely. >> and so when we get to the memorial, what will we find? this. >> you will find a place with an exterior and an interior. we built and education center. our feeling was that people didn't know anything about what women had done. >> correct. >> we needed to tell this story. we did the education center. inside the education center, you will find exhibits giving a chronology of women's service with artifacts from those different periods of time. then we show films about their service. we ha
bankrupt america is out of control health care costs. frankly, the patient wouldn't even want -- if approximate the patient knew what the options were, if they knew what the potential outcomes might be, they wouldn't even want it. and so it's a patient' rights issue as well as a fiscal issue. i think what we have to do is that we need to recognize reality, that there is a limit as to how much in taxpayer resources we can allocate. >> so saying there is just a limit there to how much we can spend. he also says doctors need to make decisions based on care, based on medical evidence about what procedures are going to most meaningfully extend life and which aren't. it's a difficult argument, christie. >> how is it being addressed in the health care reform bills on capitol hill? >> great question. the house bill included a provision that would essentially pay for end of life counseling so you and your doctor could talk about your options. a lot of people argue that will lower your costs. there was a study done in march of 600 or so terminally ill cancer patients. those that have th
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